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Discover the official music video of "Minha Vida," the mesmerizing brand-new track by artist LŪSY, featuring Lisbon's musical sensation, Mimicat. Immerse yourself in a unique musical experience that blends Chill Electro rhythms and captivating samples.

Filmed in Lisbon in 2020 by the talented Toulouse filmmaker, Amélie Cantalapiedra, this video transports viewers into an enchanting visual adventure. Picturesque scenes of Lisbon serve as a backdrop to the emotional story unfolding throughout the song.

Mimicat, an emerging artist from Lisbon, has won hearts with her enchanting vocals and captivating performances. In 2023, she had the honor of representing Portugal at the Eurovision, shining a light on her music beyond borders.

"Minha Vida" is more than just a song; it's an auditory journey that takes you into an unexplored musical universe. The perfect fusion of LŪSY and Mimicat creates a unique artistic alchemy, offering listeners an unforgettable sensory experience.

Don't miss this exceptional music video that harmoniously blends electro music with the essence of Lisbon. Click play and let yourself be carried away by the enchanting sounds of "Minha Vida"!

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Ever 2020


Music by LŪSY

Directed by AC Photography

(Amélie Cantalapiedra)

(P) 2020 LŪSY

Rossio Music Publishing


Participation I 2020

Participation I 2019


Buddha Bar XXI


The track Anoitecer produced, by LŪSY, was selected in the compilation Buddha Bar XXI. A true institution of Chill - Lounge compilations, Buddha Bar offers a world-wide exhibition of the Anoitecer...

(P) 2019 LŪSY

Rossio Music Publishing


Canta Lisboa, produced, by LŪSY,

was selected in the compilation

Messiah (Mykonos).

(P) 2020 LŪSY

Rossio Music Publishing

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